Open This was my sister's attorney (and my parent's 20 years ago) during her very long and stressful custody case with her ex-husband. I'm posting this review after receiving a personal phone call to tell my sister, her husband, my family and I that she WON and it is all thanks to Delaney and his superb skills as an attorney. He fought so eloquently and honestly he really puts the "crooked lawyer" stereotype to rest. Delaney truly cared for my sister during her court battle. He fought for her rights as a mother and as a human being. He never lied to her and was open and honest with her about the outcome of the case from the get-go. If you are fighting a custody case or any sort of family law case, you could not choose a better attorney than Michael Delaney, who is now a friend to our family. Close
- Christina B. - Baytown, TX
Open Good attorney Close
- Rick R. - Seabrook, TX
Open Great knowledgeable attorney! I hired Michael Delaney to fight for the custody of my son and daughter. As a father trying to win custody it was an uphill battle. My kids were in a terrible situation and Mr Delaney rose to the occasion and fought to help me win custody. He is upfront and honest the whole way and very knowledgable! He turns into a tiger in the court room and am very pleased with how he helped me get the outcome I was needing for my family! After 2 years of fighting for us we got justice and won custody on top of child support!

Mr Delaney is an excellent choice ! Thanks Mr Delaney from myself my wife and most importantly my children!

Shout out to his awesome secretary Rachel! She was also great to us Close
- Tony Montenegro
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